Rejuvenesse German Scientific-Slim Program

Medically supervised non-surgical permanent weight loss.
Dieting to achieve sustained weight loss often fails even before commencement of the program. Why is this? In part,this is because most diets fail to take into account the diverse fundamental reasons of why one puts on weight in the first place,such as:

  • Psychological factors such as depression,anxiety & eating disorders
  • Behavioural factors such as poor portion control, fast food consumption & learnt eating habits from childhood
  • Endocrine disorders including hypothyroidism,insulin resistance,Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Stress
  • Poor glucose handling

Instead of looking for physiological reasons behind an increasing waistline, the popular answer to the challenge is to turn to a number of familiar generic “truisms” of weight loss. Consequently,you end-up tackling the symptom-weight gain,and not the cause. Our experience prompts us that,while patients do lose few kilograms while on any initial diet-based program,they regain their lost weight very quickly (a yo-yo effect), and most put on more weight than they started with. These diets/methods do not work for patients because they mainly rely only on “dieting”, that is-either cutting down intake,or prohibiting certain food items (quantity and quality); however,the endocrine aspect (hormones),liver detoxification,optimal cellular oxygenation,role of autonomous nervous system,and impact of body pH on energy metabolism are totally ignored.

Relook at Weight loss
The German Scientific-Slim is a permanent weight loss plan that not only helps reduce your abnormal fat,but also helps resetting your brain and endocrine system that consequently revamps your eating habits.

Apart from the significant weight loss achievement,the German Scientific-Slim Program has been found to:

  • Reduce very low density lipoprotein (VLDL, commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol”) by 20%
  • Reduce triglycerides (the fat that you feel when you pinch your abdomen) by 37%
  • Reduce chronic inflammation by 30% (obesity is considered an inflammatory disease)

Pre-treatment assessment
To determine the suitability of patients to undergo the German Scientific-Slim program - we need the following:
a. Detailed Medical History of the Patient
b. Essential Set of blood tests required by us

Once we receive this, our doctor studies and assesses all the above to decide whether the proposed patient is suitable for the program or not.

German Scientific-slim program. A Step-by-Step look:
Phase 1: 6 days at the clinic (fixed-time)
Daily patient attendance at the clinic is compulsory. A visit will take an hour. What do we do?

  • Correct hormonal imbalances
  • Correct micronutrient imbalances
  • Individual diets
  • Correct acid-base imbalances
  • Perform general detoxification
  • Perform liver detoxification
  • Correct autonomic nervous system imbalances

  • Phase 2: Next 6 weeks a customized diet as prescribed by the doctor

  • Easy to follow - no feeling of starvation
  • Exercise not compulsory while on the program
  • Highly effective
  • Significant weight loss in a short period of time
  • Non surgical method
  • No side effects
  • Disappearance of cellulite from hips and buttocks
  • Targeted fat loss with no muscle loss (unlike other diets methods)
  • Improvement in skin texture and reduction of wrinkles double-chin
  • No stretch marks even after losing 15-22kgs of weight
  • Significant reduction in the risk of developing diabetes mellitus later on in life
  • Significant reduction in the risk of developing coronary heart disease later on in life
  • Significant reduction in the risk of developing cancer later on in life
  • Reduction of blood pressure in those having hypertension
  • Improvement in mood and self-esteem
  • Increased chance of delivering healthy non-diabetic babies(in woman planing to conceive)
  • Increased muscle mass, sexual potency and libido in men