Rejuvenesse Regenerative Therapy for Diabetes

Metabolic Therapy for Diabetes

Reversal of Type II Diabetes without Surgery or Drugs
If you have type 2 diabetes, you certainly need to know that 90% of cases of diabetes are reversible.
Metabolic Therapy for reversal of diabetes mellitus is a physician-supervised 7-days at clinic + 6 months "do at home" treatment program.

Metabolic Therapy for Diabetes has three objectives:

  • Stop the progression of diabetes.
  • Start the process by which diabetes is reversed.
  • Treat the damage that was induced by the progression of diabetes before commencement of the Metabolic Therapy for Diabetes.
Metabolic therapy is an intensive,comprehensive, integrative therapeutic approach based on the sound principles of human physiology and biochemistry to fight diabetes at the cellular–mitochondrial level. For achieving long-lasting therapeutic effect, we combine German biological therapies with an orthomolecular approach, and try to eliminate all possible factors which caused this disease in the first place.

The program is non-surgical and without any risk/side-effects.

Metabolic Therapy Program for Diabetes-who has this Program been designed for?
For all diabetes patients over the age of 18 years

What will the patient experience after the Metabolic Therapy Program for Diabetes?

  • Normalization of blood sugar levels.
  • Significant decrease or complete stoppage of diabetes medications (including insulin)
  • Weight loss of 5-12 kg within 2 months (if overweight).
  • Significant improvement of general symptoms experienced by diabetics-e.g.fatigue, blurry vision, increased thirst, pain and numbness in hands and feet, frequent urinary tract infections, slow healing of wounds.
  • Significant reduction in the risk of developing future
    complications of diabetes-e.g.gangrene,blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke.
  • In most cases, complete stoppage of diabetes medications (including insulin).

Additional long-term benefits of the Metabolic Therapy Program for Diabetes

  • Significantly reduced chance of suffering from cancer in later life-diabetics are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than normal people.
  • Significantly reduced chance of suffering from a heart attack or stroke later-in-life- diabetics are 4 times more likely to get a heart attack or stroke than normal people.

Who will benefit most from the Metabolic Therapy Program for Diabetes?
Any person (male or female) with diabetes mellitus.